Growth is Life.

Sometimes we all feel like we are stagnating, stuck in a world of the comfortable and not recognising that we need to Grow This Life, our life, in order to feel fulfilled and excited. Fulfilment is happiness and I would like everyone to be happy. If you feel lost from time to time then I want to help you.

Grow This… is a blog by me, Bradley Andrew, a freelance Camera Assistant / Data Wrangler from Melbourne, Australia. I dabble in various activities including Health and Nutrition, Technology, Consumer Electronics, Videogames, DIY, Woodwork and Home CNC.

I often find myself on tedious research journeys to solve a very specific problem that I just can’t let go, or I meticulously set something elaborate up enjoying the process of beating the problem more then enjoying the reward. It occurred to me that I may not be alone on this front, and if I spend 6 Hours tackling a hurdle, why not spend another 2 Hours sharing my experience with others in hopes of helping them to avoid 6 Hours conquering the same hurdle. I sure as heck would have liked access to a walk through from the beginning to save me the hassle and expedite my growth.

Two words of advice from my Great Nan have been deeply embedded into me from a young age, she always said:

1. Work hard and don’t be lazy
2. Always be honest

I do my best every day to follow these two principles and this blog is no exception. So welcome to Grow This…, I’ll be sharing all sorts of juicy information and tools that will help you. From the ultra technical to the down right weird, I embrace it all.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and if you have any questions or there is something I can help you with, please don’t be shy and reach out, we’re all in this together!