Welcome to Grow This…

Hello and Welcome!

Grow This is setting off on it’s maiden voyage and I just wanted to get the ball rolling on writing so that I don’t fall into the trap of ‘I’ll do it later’ and then never getting around to actually doing anything.

The last few weeks have been an adventure for me. I travelled to New Zealand for work for 6 Days and then tacked on a week long holiday at the end of the job, getting to explore Milford Sound, Mt Cook, Lake Pukaki, Lake Tekapo, Queenstown, Wanaka and anywhere in between. I came back home to Melbourne, Australia and went straight onto a job in Regional Victoria and New South Wales. Upon wrapping that job I fasted for 60 Hours and began trialling a Ketogenic Diet, more so a Modified Atkins Diet but in the macro realm of 70% Fats, 25% Protein and 5% Carbs. I’ve been facing the challenge of eating Keto Meals while working on a film set, which has been tricky but totally achievable. The long awaited launch of Final Fantasy XV also came along in this period, as a long time fan of the series naturally I picked it up on launch day and dived right in. My passion for reading books has been reignited as well, I always struggled with being in my head too much while reading, not being about to imagine what is happening in a book and focusing too much on details. It used to take me like 5 Mins Per Page but through a few simple tips I have boosted my reading speeds, my concentration and have started reading at a pace I could have only dreamed of.

There is a great deal of exciting things coming up too. I have been booked on a big TVC (Television Commercial) in January shooting on the ARRI Alexa 65 which is a camera system that has never even been in Melbourne before. At the moment I am devising Post Production Pathways to effectively deliver the 2TB per 40 Mins of footage, so far so good. This morning I just placed one of the first pre-orders for the Apple EarPods which should arrive in the next few days. Being in Australia we are lucky enough to have the Time Zone Advantage where between us and New Zealand we’ll be the first in the world to get a new product assuming it’s a simultaneous worldwide launch.

That is just a taste of what I have been up to lately. I look forward to deconstructing the processes that I have developed for each specific activity above and bringing them to you in an informative and easy to understand format. So next time you want to eat ketogenically in social situations you’ll be okay, or if you get thrown in the deep end wrangling 5TB of ARRIRAW Open Gate per day you’ll be okay. I’m going to bring you the right tools and the right tips to get you going and to see you through to total competence.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!